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Dagan in Honduras w/ Children’s Rescue Mission     




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We here at Travel Chocolate ™ LLC get excited about chocolate, organic & fair trade products, and travel & adventure.  So, we provide you with premium organic, and fair trade chocolate that will helps make a positive societal impact with every bite. (see Our Mission). 


We also think it is a good idea that you travel, and have an adventurous life.  So our chocolate bars will have neat photographs from around the world with travel information and tips.


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Consistent with its mission to help end child slavery and restore the earth’s waterways, Travel Chocolate ™ makes regular donations to:

... the Children’s Rescue Mission (CRM) which focuses on Teupasenti, a poor rural village in the mountainous region of south east Honduras. CRM helps children with the philosophy of: Relief -Educate -& Empower, with current programs that include:

Farming to provide milk for the children, and Computer Training which so far has resulted in over 100 kids a year learning basic office computing skills on 20 Pentium computers.

And yes, I am a little bit biased about this organization, as my nephew Dagan went to Honduras during the summer of 2006 to volunteer for the CRM. (See his picture above). It seems Dagan is turning into a world traveler just like his Uncle. (See for more information and how to make donations.)


 … and the Wildlife Alliance which is committed to conserving wildlife and habitat.  In particular we like the Alliance’s Marine Seascape Program which has projects in Republic of Palau and in the Federated States of Micronesia designed to strengthen protection of coastal marine areas.  It also does outstanding work rescuing animals from poachers in Cambodia. See for information and on how to make a donation.


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