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We at Travel Chocolate ™ believe that travel, as well as eating chocolate, are great fun. So, this section will be updated from time to time with new travel tips. (If you have a tip you want to share, please send an email to If we use it, you will get a free 100-gram bar in the mail.) Here are the tips:

Travel Light Tip - We encourage you to travel light. You just don't need that much "stuff" on the road. So, we will include ideas on how to lighten your load. OK, here's the first one. You need just one pair of shoes. Yes, you too ladies! For business try the good looking yet flexible shoes from NeilM. One pair is all you need for meeting and socializing. If you are a runner and your trip is less than a week, leave the running shoes home! Blast though some squat thrusts (you remember those from high school!) in your hotel room, and your heart will pump.

Fitness tip - You don't need to stop your routine or schlep to the crowded hotel gym to lift weights. (You can leave your sneakers/gym shoes home -- see above tip again). Here's a circuit that will pump your muscles and your heart - 10 Hindu push-ups, 25 Hindu squats, 25 jack-knifes. So do 3 to 5 of these circuits with a 60 second rest between each circuit, and you will stay fit. If you are a heavy lifter, check back at a later date for some tips on how to "go heavy" without any weights!

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